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PART ONE // Please Knock Presents NYC Erotic Art Fair 2023

Updated: Jan 23

Please Knock Presents NYC Erotic Art Fair 2023

On October 15th 2023 we hosted our first Erotic Art Fair at TV EYE, Brooklyn NYC. We aimed to provide a forum where artists can display their uncensored work free from the suffocating censorship by social media restrictions. Unlike television and film, the internet treats all erotic art as pornographic. These extreme constraints serve to punish creators and erase great art works. The current restrictions stifle the genius of artists who fear stigma and suppression. To combat this, the PLEASE KNOCK collective had decided to create the Erotic Art Fair together with some of the most influential and talented members of the art community.

Full Vendor list included: Joseph Vasta, Ami Evelyn Hughes, Mobshity, Martina Cox, Harlequin Vintage, Erotomechanics Bookshop, MegaZines, Self Help Smut, Fungus Books, Ouijasciencefiction, Erotic Books Unlimited, Undercovers Shop, C.S. Miller Books, Spank Bank Enterprizes, Vintage X Videos, J.P. CLASSI, Loyal Tapestry and Pebbles Monroe’s News & Video. Private Collections: We were thrilled to collaborate with some iconic partners for our event. Paris-based shop FetishMagForSale showcased rare magazines from his private collection. Ami Evelyn Hughes, co-founder of the London-based cult magazine GUT, also presented and sold her private smut collection. Additionally, we had Joseph Vasta, one of New York's pioneering erotic art dealers, offering high-quality collectibles, including rare and out-of-print books, periodicals, vintage photographs, and postcards. Erotic Curiosities Exhibit: Our distinguished guest for this event had been The Sex Collector, who had traveled all the way from Canada to curate a mini erotic museum within one of our rooms.

Art by Claire Barrow

Photography by: Matt Weinberger, Sophie Hartnett, Daniela Friedman and Please Knock.


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