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Ex-Libris Erotica: Eye-Captivating Collection Of Vintage Erotic Bookplates

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Illustration By Walter Helfenbein

Bookplates (also called Ex Libris, Latin for "from the books of") are small decorative labels pasted into a book, often on the front endpaper, to indicate ownership. The first Ex Libris books were highly valuable and prestigious objects to own, hence the first bookplates usually incorporated the decorative coats of arms of the fabulously wealthy. By the late nineteenth century, bookplates became an art form practiced by artists across Europe and beyond. We’ve selected our favorite exceptional erotic bookplates created and signed by some of the most brilliant European "ex-libris erotica" artists. If you wish to be introduced to the history and unique format of bookplates with a large showcase drawn from the rich collections of the British Museum, you can check out the book "Ex-Libris: The Art of Bookplates." created by the chief chronicler of the development of the bookplate, Martin J. Hopkinson.

By Walter Helfenbein

Paris: Charpentier, Libraire-Editeur, 1850. FROM THE LIBRARY OF EDITH WHARTON. 1 vol.

Anonymous (circa 1920s). Via:

Anonymous (circa 1920s) Via:

By Valentin Le Campion

Page from the book EROTIC BOOK PLATES by Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen

Unknown Artist

By Jerzy Druzrycki

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

By Armand Rassenfosse

By Karel Simunek (1917)

By BURKA, Antonín

Unknown Artist

By Peter Wolbrandt (1950)

By Michael Fingesten

By Leonis Szemere (1911)

By Michel Fingesten

Illustration By Mark F. Severin

Illustration By Jerzy Druzrycki

Unknown artist

By Herbert S. Ott (1971)

By Franco Brunello

By Dezsö Farkas

By Jozsef Farkas (1975)

By Boucha, J.P.

By Heino Beddig

By Félicien Rops

By Dolatowski, Zbigniew

By Blæsbjerg Christian

Illustration By Franco Brunello

By Botella, Ivan-Vincent

Unknown Artist

By Jerzy Druzrycki (1971)

Illustration By Franco Braello

By Balozsfy, Rezsö

By Paul Francois Morvan

Unknown Artist

By Herbert S. Ott (1949)

By Michel Fingesten

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