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October 15 @ TV EYE

In October 2022 we hosted our first Erotic Art Exhibition at Chinatown Soup, a venue located on NYC’s LES. This successful five-day event featured internationally acclaimed artists, who could display their erotic work, free from the suffocating censorship of social media restrictions. See more information about this event: here.

Our second event "NYC's First Erotic Art Fair" will feature various artists and vendors showcasing their erotic art creations and collectibles.

The Please Knock Erotic Art Fair is a self funded, donation based all volunteer project. When you book at table, the payment goes towards the staffing and creation of this event, and hopefully others to come! 


Tables Available 

Six foot table (6' x 30'')  with/without a back wall for hanging art - $150

Lounge round table (3'*3') - $150

(Email us if you would like to split a table)


To secure your table please Venmo here:
*state your name, email and what table you are intrested in.
*Regarding a back wall for art, let us know what you prefer and we will try to make it work.


(Here is what you get when booking a table)

A covered table with black fabric (you are welcome to bring your own)
2 chairs for each table

Small tables have seating (booth)

Help with load in & load out

A safe room to leave your personal items

A rack if needed (please let us know beforehand)
Food provided from a local 

ATM available inside (you are free to ask for Cashapp / Venmo or whatever)

Multiple Bathrooms available

Water available at the bar

We’ll staff Security at the door so no one under 21 will be admitted


These things are provided by us,

if you want to bring your own whatever -

you are welcome to!

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